Venetian blinds have two horizontal slats made of aluminum, wood or plastic, one on top of another. In the Australia, blinds with wooden slats are often listed as wood blinds, not Venetian. The slats are suspended by wide cloth tapes or cords which allow them to rotate in unison nearly 180 degrees.

Take full control of the amount of natural light coming in, whether you want to let it shine through or block it out completely. Adjust the slats precisely to the position you want for a practical privacy solution.

Venetian blinds are some of the easiest blinds to clean. They can be wiped with a damp cloth and a small amount of detergent, or vacuumed with a brush attachment on the end of the hose. In rooms like kitchens, where they’re apt to become greasy, cut the grease with water and dish soap or spray on a 50-50 mix of water and vinegar. Many companies also make blind-shaped vacuum attachments and dusting cloths, making it easy to clean both sides of the Venetian blinds.

This is a contestable account of the history of the famous Venetian blinds. Several historians claimed that some Venetian merchants had brought this mechanism from a place in the East back to their own place in Venice where it gained its popularity. Hence, it was given the name Venetian blinds. At Decor Blinds we help you select the colors & Materials using our wide range of Knowledge and customize the blinds to suit your home. Call Us now or Get A Free Quote.