Wooden blinds feature a number of horizontal slats that are linked together by a cord pulley system. This design of blind is also known as Venetian. When fully raised, the slats gather together at the top of the window, revealing the full view outside. When lowered and rotated, wooden blinds obscure the views from outside and block all sunlight. Wooden blinds can also be arranged in various positions, depending on the amount of privacy and natural light you require.

Many people prefer real hardwood blinds just for the sophistication and refined quality that real wood blinds impart to any room. Wood blinds are like a hand rubbed piece of fine furniture, with a definite fine grain and a beautiful texture with unique details. Most wood blinds are made from Australia hardwoods, using sustainable forestry methods required today with our dwindling supply of trees.

Wood blinds should be dusted weekly to prevent excessive dirt and grime from becoming a thick coat that is difficult to remove.At least twice a year, the blinds should be thoroughly cleaned. Wood blinds in kitchens should be cleaned more frequently since grease particles are often airborne and settle on the blind’s surfaces.